CFI Kids Corner

This is a branch of Couples Foundation International for the kids. 

These are kids (above 10 yrs old and below 18, accompanied by young adults at university) that Encourage Marriage and Discourage Divorce. They do so in their own way. Their mission within CFI is to share their views and assist the married couples on how to raise champion kids in various homes. They also share a perspective with the adults that helps to break the generational gap between parents and their children. 

Kids’ Corner provides a platform where children are heard, as they  address married couples issues relevant to children in any home, and they also share a perspective about reality they face, a perspective on marriages today and what happens within the school environment pertaining to love relationships, and how to balance that with their homes. 

CFI Kids’ Corner is also a platform where adults address the children on pivotal issues of adulting and how to cope with pressures home, peers and learning. 

Kids’ Corner has a fun program where kids get to share their talents with others, where they learn skills and where they are able to encourage one another to be young champions.

Kids Corner